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317 million people are seriously injured globally each year

In 2020 we will launch an updated Injury Alarm analysis and risk management training!

The new Injury Alarm version includes a series of enhanced features to analyse more data and importantly with a more useful report. 

The new training course is an on line version of Dr Cattani's risk based training for employees, safety representatives, Safety Advisors/Team Leaders and Managers.

Contact Marcus via the contact page if you want to know more or take part!

Injury Alarm analyses data to work out the likelihood of incidents and injuries, and helps organisations recognise what they need to do to stop an incident happening.

With over 110,000 people seriously injured in Australia each year, and 317 million globally, we believe that there is potential to learn from the past and improve safety in workplaces. Using Injury Alarm’s unique algorithm, previous injuries can be analysed and used to plan improvements.

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